Shure M97xE System

Shure M97xE System
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Tonabnehmer-System mit elliptischem Nadelschliff # linearer Frequenzgang # minimale... mehr
Produktinformationen "Shure M97xE System"
Tonabnehmer-System mit elliptischem Nadelschliff

# linearer Frequenzgang
# minimale Plattenabnutzung
# Dynamischer Stabilisator
# Dämpfer und Statikentlader
# Befestigungsblock aus Aluminiumguss
# SIDE-GUARD Nadelschutzsystem
# empfolene Auflagekraft 1,25 Gramm
# Frequenzgang 20 Hz bis 22 kHz

The M97xE is a superb smooth-sounding phonograph cartridge designed to provide long hours of undistorted listening, without fatiguing the ear. Its highly precise tracking ability and flat frequency response are made possible by Shure's unique Type II low-mass thin-wall aluminum alloy stylus cantilever, combined with a precision-crafted, finely polished, elliptical diamond tip.

This cartridge is able to accurately reproduce very difficult musical passages, particularly in the high-frequency range, where audio modulations are the smallest and most concentrated, and stylus tip movement is consequently the most rapid.


* Dynamic Stabilizer: The Shure exclusive viscous-damped Dynamic Stabilizer maintains a uniform distance between the cartridge and the record under difficult playing conditions, even those caused by warped records or mismatched tonearm mass. When such stabilization is not required, the stabilizer brush can be locked up into its detent position, which, under ideal playing conditions, can provide even better sound quality.
* Side-Guard Stylus Protection System: The innovative protection system helps prevent stylus damage if the cartridge accidentally slides across a record. This unique feature responds to side thrusts on the stylus by withdrawing the entire stylus cantilever and tip safely into the stylus housing before the cantilever can be damaged.
* Die Cast Aluminum Mounting Block: Ensures secure, vibration-free attachment to the tonearm.
* Included Accessories: Headshell screwdriver, Stylus cleaning brush, Mounting hardware, Stylus guard.

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