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Allen & Heath Wizard WZ4 12:2

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WZ4 12:2 is your ideal companion for those scenarios where you don’t need masses of channels,... mehr

WZ4 12:2 is your ideal companion for those scenarios where you don’t need masses of channels, but you still need to deliver superb audio quality. The 2 dual stereo channels are perfect for stereo playback or for hooking up keyboards and other stereo instruments.
WZ4 12:2 features our acclaimed 4 band EQ with 2 sweepable mids, high quality 100mm faders, 6 aux sends, 12 segment bargraph metering and our unique QCC connector system for easy desktop, rack or flightcase mounting.
New features for this 4th generation MixWizard console include two newly designed digital FX engines with 20 studio quality FX presets, EQ in/out switching and the option to fit a multichannel USB interface with high quality 16 channel soundcard for easy multitrack recording and 2-track playback.

If you’re looking for professional grade, all-purpose analogue mixers in a compact, rack mountable frame, the MixWizards continue to set the bar.


•19” Rack mountable
•8 mic/line inputs with balanced XLR/TRS jack, insert and direct output
•100mm faders
•2 Dual Stereo inputs with separate gain and ‘ON’ switches allowing inputs to be selected independently or mixed together
•4 band EQ with 2 swept mids
•6 Aux sends - 2x pre fade / 2x switched / 2x post fade*
•2 Stereo returns
•Dedicated mono output fader - can be switched to provide an L+R mono feed for a centre or fill speaker, or sub bass feed
•Independent A-B output for 2-track recording, monitor foldback, speaker fills etc
•Tri-colour, 12 segment bargraph metering
•Twin FX engines with 20 studio quality FX presets
•+48V Phantom Power
•Signal and Peak LEDs
•Talkback Mic XLR with trim
•Lamp socket
•USB multitrack recording option
•Footswitch connector (mutes/unmutes the ST1 FX Return)

*Can be reconfigured with internal jumpers?

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