Ecler Verso SB115P Powered

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A line of self-amplifying sound boxes made of high-density plastic with great resistance.... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ecler Verso SB115P Powered"
A line of self-amplifying sound boxes made of high-density plastic with great resistance. Separate amplifiers for low and high frequencies. 2-channel mixer with built-in input. Three models whose high quality and versatility make them idea for use in fixed and mobile applications and also as stage monitors.

This successful series is complemented with the VERSO SB115P subwoofer reinforcement unit. Its compact design is ideal for those musical mobile applications where you need an extra punch at the low-end side of the audible spectrum.

The external design of the box, which is modern and balanced, has been created in collaboration with the reputed team Giugiaro Design.

Technical data VERSO SB115P:

* 500 W RMS
* maximum SPL: 125
* 15” woofer
* Frequency response (-3dB): 35 Hz – 100/150 Hz
* Dimensions: 590 x 490 x 450 mm
* Weight: 41.3 Kg
* XLR inputs with mono conversion
* XLR stack outputs (link to other SB115P units, VERSO P speakers, etc.))
* PHASE and volume controls
* Internal 100 or 150 Hz LPF (selectable)
* Top-hat 35 mm. standard pole mount socket
* Optional wheel kit (QRA + WH200 KIT)

Main features of the series

* Full range, 2-way, self-amplifying sound boxes.
* Active high selectivity filter and 24 dB/oct gradient
* Two MICRO/LINE XLR inputs with selectable sensitivity level.
* Two way mixer.
* 3-band tone control at mixer output.
* Balanced ZollSTACK OUTZoll output for connection to other units or amplifiers
* Effective protection system to reduce signal clipping (ZollCLIP”)
* Carry handles at the rear
* 6 hanging points
* Prepared for flat installation on the ground, with no need for accessories
* Protective grille at the front, acoustically transparent
* 35 mm stand at the base for anchoring with pole

Main applications

* Clubs, discos and leisure centres
* Sound reinforcement
* Sound for events and audiovisual presentations
* Mobile discos
* Stage monitors


* TRIP01: 35 mm adjustable tripod
* SR8: wall fastening for VERSO 8P
* SR12: wall fastening for VERSO 10P and VERSO 12P
* CNX2RCAXLR2: 2 m cable for 2xRCA connectors (stereo) – 1 x XLRM
* CNXRCAXLR2: 2 m cable for RCA– XLRM connector
* CNXXLRXLR: 1m5 / 5 / 10 / 20: XLRM - XLRF 1.5, 5, 10, 20 m wire
* CNXMJXLR2: 2 m cable for 3.5 mm jack connectors(stereo) - XLRM
* BAGVERSO10A, BAGVERSO12A: carry and storage bags
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