Ecler SAM 412T

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  • ST-12155
The SAM mixer series has been specially designed for all public address and communication systems... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ecler SAM 412T"
The SAM mixer series has been specially designed for all public address and communication systems requiring a minimum risk of unwanted external manipulation.

Frequently used controls are easily accessible. Specific adjustments remain only accessible by the installer for precise and permanent settings.

SAM SERIES are very easy to use, even for non-technical users. All this is packed into a compact, 1 unit high, 19'' rack unit.

SAM series general KEY features

* Universal 1 RU, 19” installation mixers
* Excellent frequency response
* Balanced MIC and stereo LINE inputs and main outputs
* Reliable proprietary power supply
* Ideal for any application requiring a trouble free mixer

Technical Data overview SAM 412

19 inch installation mixer featuring 4 MIC/LINE inputs and 3 band tone control on each channel.

* 4 channels with 2 selectable inputs per channel (balanced MIC, LINE).
* Adjustable MIC input sensitivity on the rear panel.
* +18V Phantom power available in all MIC inputs.
* Channel 1 direct MIC input in the front panel.
* Input 1 TALKOVER with internal jumper for release time.
* 3 band tone control per channel, accessible with screwdriver.Mix signal VU Meter.
* Output level control.
* 2 output levels internally adjustable.
* REC output.
* Direct access to mix bus in order to increase the number of inputs, interconnecting with other mixer.
* MUTE remote control affecting all inputs for the connection of fire alarms and other security devices. Internally adjustable to NO/NC (normally open, normally closed).
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