Ecler NZA 6-70

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The new NZA multi-channel amplifier series responds to the present demands regarding remote... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ecler NZA 6-70"
The new NZA multi-channel amplifier series responds to the present demands regarding remote management and systems integration. Thanks to its DSP module and its integrated Ethernet interface, these amplifiers turn into a powerful tool for signal processing, amplification and remote management, allowing the user to create centralized systems, distributed or hybrid, offering more flexible sound systemoptions to the installer or designer and reducing dramatically the cabling installation costs.

The NZA range includes 5 models, of 4 or 6 channels and different powers. All of them feature convection cooling (fan less), being absolutely silent and suitable for its installation in the most demanding environments in terms of background noise.

As well as the NPA series, the NZA series can integrate in the increasing range of products compatible with the EclerNet network, being the EclerNet Manager software application its programming and remote control tool.

Main characteristics

* Five available models

? NZA4-70: 4 x 80 W RMS @ 4 O
? NZA4-180: 4 x 190 W RMS @ 4 O
? NZA4-400: 4 x 420 W RMS @ 4 O
? NZA6-70: 6 x 80 W RMS @ 4 O
? NZA6-180: 6 x 200 W RMS @ 4 O

* 4/6 analogue inputs routable to any output
* 4/6 volume remote control ports, each one assignable to one or various channels
* Editable channels independently (SINGLE mode) or in pairs (BRIDGE and PARALLEL modes)
* Integrated 4x4 or 6x6 DSP module
* Integrated EclerNet remote control module (includes control of all DSP functions and supervision and control of alarms, groups of amplifiers and/or channels, output voltage limiter, system log file, etc.)
* Silent cooling through convection, without fan
* Integrated anti-clip system
* Soft start in 180 and 400 models
* RJ45 (Ethernet) remote control port
* Auto-Stand By function
* Euroblock type input, output and volume remote control connections
* 2 units rack height


* Live sound (WiFi management is possible from a PC)
* Centralized, distributed or hybrid fixed installation
* Integration in installation global control systems
* Big Public Address zoned systems
* Installations requiring remote supervision, diagnostic and adjustment via Internet

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