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The NEST106 sound box is the product of an in-depth analysis of current and future needs for... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ecler Nest 106, weiß"
The NEST106 sound box is the product of an in-depth analysis of current and future needs for background music and notification systems. Businesses, department stores, schools, conference rooms, hotels, industrial facilities, offices, museums, meeting halls, hospitals, play areas, etc. are just some of the more obvious and direct places to use the NEST106.

However, being aware of the considerable variety of locations and situations that can play host to a sound box, the design team at Ecler wanted to take it a step further and has made the dreams of increasingly more demanding installers and decorators a reality:

* Integration. The shape of the NEST106, with a front panel in the shape of a partial sphere (? of a sphere) and the back in the shape of a triangular pyramid, permits a wide variety of potential installations, ranging from an individual sound box fitting perfectly in a corner to several units to make portions of a sphere or even a complete sphere.
* Exclusivity. There is no other box like it. It is a unique Ecler design that is different, personal and most importantly can be adapted to a wide variety of situations. It consists of a two-way system with a tweeter in the centre surrounded by a woofer.
* Flexibility. The NEST106 comes with a switch that lets you configure the sound box for its desired function. All of the boxes can work in low or high impedance (100 V line), and in the latter case, at different levels of power. Simple, quick and versatile.
* Reliability and quality. The NEST106 is, first and foremost, a sound box with a surprising sound quality, particularly in view of its size. This is due in part to its particular shape, which produces an interior volume that is much higher than the subjective, perceived volume. 60 W RMS of power with a performance of 93 dB SPL@1W/1m are hard to beat in sound boxes with these characteristics.

Main features

* Full range, 2-way sound boxes.
* Built-in 100 V line transformer
* 8 ohms / 100V (7, 10, 15 or 30 W) operating selector switch
* Euroblock-type connector
* Comes with accessories for wall-mounting, connectors, screws and Allen key
* IP54 class for installing outdoors

Preliminary technical data

* 50 W RMS – 8 ohms
* 6.5” woofer with concentric Tweeter orientable to ±15º
* Output: 93 dB SPL 1 W / 1 m
* Frequency response (-3dB): 110 Hz to 20 kHz
* Dimensions: 330 x 230 x 197 mm
* Weight: 3,250 Kg

Recommended amplification

* MPA-R multi-channel amplifiers line (low impedance)
* Enviro modular system (100 V line)

Main applications

* Shopping and leisure centres
* Corporate and residential buildings
* Commercial premises, franchise stores
* Loudspeaker sound for messages and background music on a 100 V or low impedance line
* Museums, exhibition halls
* Sound reinforcement in discos, bars and restaurants
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