Ecler DPA 4000T

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New DPA-T (Twin power supply) power amplifiers are the state of the art new members of DPA... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ecler DPA 4000T"
New DPA-T (Twin power supply) power amplifiers are the state of the art new members of DPA installation series. Robust, reliable and high power amplifiers with excellent features: working down to 2 ohms loads, soft start, intelligent anticlip circuitry, selectable subsonic filter, front panel bridge mode indicator and many more.

But over all, DPA-T series deliver superb sound quality, excellent low distortion transients and impressive bass range reproduction for high power applications.

DPA-T series inherit the leading senior technology of PAM series: All the power all the timephilosophy, N channel power mosfets plus an enhanced twin power supply including the best audio transformers in the pro audio business.


DPA2500T and DPA4000T both share common features.

* Drive down to 2O loads.
* All the power all the time: permanent sound quality no matter how long the unit is working.
* A²SP Analog Autogain Signal Processor: input signal management in stress work conditions.
* Intelligent ANTICLIP system: always on. Limits Harmonic Distortion by monitoring the transient behavior of the input signal.
* THERMAL protection when unit reaches 90ºC (194ºF). Front panel indicator
* BRIDGE mode indicator
* PROTECT indicator when DC, low freq signals, or short-circuit load situations
* SIGNAL PRESENT front panel indicator (-40dBV)
* CLIP indicator active when output signal is 1.5dB below real clipping
* Selectable 20,30,40Hz, off on board SUBSÓNICO filter
* CROWBARrelay-free DC protection circuitry
* Smart back to front COOLING system
* AMIC and UCM cards compatible
* Anti manipulation plastic caps
* 3 RU


DPA2500T: 1610W/2O - 1130W/4O - 680W/8O - 2260W/bridge mode. 29,7Kg.
DPAT4000T: 2800W/2O - 1880W/4O - 1110W/8O - 3760W/bridge mode. 34,1Kg.


Any installation applications requiring trouble-free rugged amplifiers.

* Entertainment: discos, clubs, thematic restaurants and leisure centers.
* Cinemas and theater.
* A/V events.
* Sports centers.
* Mobile PA systems.

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