Ecler CICSB 10

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  • ST-12191
IN-CEILING SPEAKERS Designed to be aesthetically discreet and acoustically engineered for sound... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ecler CICSB 10"

Designed to be aesthetically discreet and acoustically engineered for sound reproduction, thanks to its infinite baffle configuration, the IC range of in-ceiling loudspeakers are the perfect choice for public address, music background and foreground applications where an in-ceiling approach is required.

Extended bass response provides extra sound warmness specially suitable for music playback applications.

Extra versatility is provided with the built-in audio transformer, which allows IC series to be used in both 100V and low impedance installations in a simple and effective way.

For ease of installation IC range is supplied with a fast and reliable 3 bracket support system.

IC Series Key Features

* 2 way infinite baffle configuration ABS in-ceiling loudspeakers
* On board quality audio transformer allows 100V and 8O applications use in a single unit
* Polypropylene woofers ensure product stability against heat and humidity
* Removable front grill allows painting to mach any décor
* Spring loaded input terminals
* Included cut-out and painting template
* 3 bracket support system


* 10” bass-reinforcement unit for ceiling mounting
* Power: 100 W RMS @ 8W
* Sensibility (1W/1m): 96 dB SPL
* Built-in 100V line transformer. Power tapsr: 7.5 / 15 / 30 / 60W
* External diameter: 335mm
* Cut diameter: 307mm
* Installation system: four points using rotating tabs
* Cutting and painting templates included
* Includes accessories for reinforcing the installation in standard lowered ceiling profiles, making the unit solid and giving additional reliability to the installation
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