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Ecler Audeo 106 weiß (Stück)

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The AUDEO loudspeaker series strikes the perfect balance between the intelligibility and sound... mehr
The AUDEO loudspeaker series strikes the perfect balance between the intelligibility and sound reproduction quality requirements currently demanded in the professional audio installation and ever increasing demands with respect to aesthetics, design and integration into all types of architectural environments.

AUDEO has a balanced, innovative design, resulting from the collaboration between Ecler and the prestigious group Giugiaro Design during the conceptual and the external design phases of the speakers. This factor, together with its high quality sound reproduction, make this series the ideal solution for use in numerous sound projects: corporate and residential buildings, commercial premises, leisure centres, health centres, conference and meeting rooms, auditoriums, museums, etc.

This versatile series, which comes in three sizes (AUDEO 103, 106 and 108), and in black or white, is completed by its wall/ceiling supports which allow the cabling to be concealed and make it possible to install the speakers at low (8 ohms) or high impedance operation (100 V line).

In addition to the included wall bracket, the 103 and 106 models can use the DSTANDAUDEO desktop stand.

Main features of the series:

* Full range, 2-way acoustic boxes.
* Made of reinforced ABS
* Available in black or white
* 8 ohms / 100 V line operating switch
* Accessories for wall-mounting included
* IP 54 class for installing outdoors
* Protective grille at the front with anti-rust treatment

AUDEO 106:

* 50 W RMS - 8 ohms
* Efficiency: 92,5 dB SPL 1 W / 1 m
* 8 ohm / 100 V (5, 7,5, 15 or 30 W) mode switch
* 6.5Zoll woofer and 25 mm Tweeter
* Frequency response (-10 dB): 90 Hz to 20 kHz
* Dimensions: 242 x 242 x 163 mm
* Weight: 2.3 kg


* Corporate and residential buildings
* Commercial premises
* Leisure centres
* Sound reinforcement in clubs, bars, etc.
* Health and sports centres
* Meeting and conference rooms
* Auditoriums, museums

Recommended amplification:

* MPA-R multi-channel amplifiers line (low impedance or high impedance with DLA adapters)
* NZA multi-channel amplifiers with built-in DSP and remote Ethernet management (low impedance)
* Enviro modular system (100 V line)
* AMPACK series
* pKUB
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