Ecler AMPACK 470

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With the AMPACK2-70 / 4-70 line of compact amplifiers, installers can enjoy the pro-audio... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ecler AMPACK 470"
With the AMPACK2-70 / 4-70 line of compact amplifiers, installers can enjoy the pro-audio market's lightest, most robust and most reliable amplification technology in a silent and compact format, ideal for use in virtually every kind of application and environment. The delivered power is 2 x 70 or 4 x 70 W RMS in low impedance (4 O). For 100 V line applications, you will need the DLAPACK2-70 dual converter, which transforms two 70 W channels at 4 O into two 70 W channels at 100 V line.

Key features

* Class D amplifier with an output of 2 x 70 W RMS (AMPACK2-70) or 4 x 70 W RMS (AMPACK4-70) at 4 O
* Ultra light format in the AMPACK2-70 (1.6 kg) and the AMPACK4-70 (1.75 kg)
* Silent, high-efficiency amplifier (ventilation by convection, no fan)
* Built-in power supply (switching type, except in the AMPACK80)
* AUTO STANDBY: when no signal is detected, it automatically goes into standby mode, saving energy
* Can operate in stereo, parallel and bridge modes
* Independent remote VCA volume control (for each input channel).
* See wall panel accessories: rotary wall controls and infrared remote control can be connected to the VCA port
* EUROBLOCK input, output and VCA remote control connectors
* Additional RCA stereo input connector (AMPACK2-70 and AMPACK80)
* L+R mono switch (only in AMPACK2-70)
* Independent gain adjustment for each input channel, protected against accidental manipulation
* Built-in 100 Hz high-pass filter
* Can be installed directly on a 35 mm DIN 35 rail or on an individual support bracket

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