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Digitales Prozessor Modul für die DPA Serie Nowadays, many of the required features can be... mehr
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Digitales Prozessor Modul für die DPA Serie

Nowadays, many of the required features can be supplied for any audio chain in a small space. So small that we can even fit them in the amplifier, the last-but-one element in the chain.

AMIC and .AMICLAB constitute a simple and attractive way of configuring systems: all that is needed is a laptop computer, a mouse and a clear idea of the sound required for the application in question.

AMIC comes as an accessory card for the DPA series line of Ecler amplifiers. AMICLAB is the interactive .AMIC card configuration software.

What does the system offer?

Complete flexibility on an 2 IN / 4 OUT audio processor. Each output is the result of applying the following processes to any of the selected input signals.

* Level adjustment: from AMICLAB or from a remote potentiometer.
* Channel separation.
* Parametric equalization
* Delay
* Compressor/limiter
* Muting and phase reversal

Each of the parameters involved in each process can be adjusted using the virtual buttons, faders or on the interactive display. By clicking on a point of edition on the selected filter curve it is possible to modify, for example, its Q, gain and frequency values. All changes can be perceived in real time if desired.

Once the system is adjusted, simply store the information on the .AMIC card, whether it is installed in the amplifier or not, using the supplied USB cable.

AMIC is presented as an accessory card line ECLER DPA series. amplifiers. AMICLAB is the software that allows interactive configuration.

See WP series, volume remote control panels, compatible with AMIC and AMIC24
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