Allen & Heath iDR-64

Allen & Heath iDR-64
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iLive-T puts the audio and its processing right where it is needed, near to the sources on stage.... mehr
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iLive-T puts the audio and its processing right where it is needed, near to the sources on stage. The MixRack houses the mic preamps, sends, DSP and digital snake interface, which is controlled at the mix position.

The Mix engine
There are four fixed-format MixRacks in the iLive range, which all feature the same RackExtra DSP engine employed in the flagship iLive Series, providing full processing and mixing for 64 channels and 32 configurable mix buses as well as 8 stereo FX engines based on emulations of popular industry classics. Imagine the gear needed for an equivalent analogue system to provide 64 gates and de-essers, 96 compressors and limiters, 112 fully parametric EQs, 96 delays, 32 graphic EQs and 8 FX units!

Mic inputs
The MixRacks differ only in the number of input and output sockets available. The smallest, the iDR-16, provides 16 mic/line preamps and 8 XLR outputs, the iDR-32 has 32 mic/line and 16 out, the iDR-48 featuers 48 mic/line and 24 out, and finally the iDR-64 boasts 64 mic/line inputs and 32 XLR outputs. Built-in patchbays enable the user to split, cross-patch and map channels and sends, requiring fewer sockets than equivalent fixed architecture consoles in many applications. A new high quality mic preamp with 80dB/1dB resolution gain range, exceptionally low latency and optimised audio signal path ensure the superb performance and sound quality for which iLive has become renowned.

Networking and distributed control
The MixRack and iLive or iLive-T surface are connected over a single CAT5 up to 120m long (depending on cable)* using Allen & Heath’s proprietary ACE™ digital snake - an affordable, point-to-point multi-channel bi-directional audio and control link. An option slot (Port B) allows a plug-in card to be added for more audio networking possibilities, such as digital mic splitting, audio distribution and digital recording. The MixRack can also be controlled using a networked PC or laptop running iLive Editor software, MIDI, the Allen & Heath PL Series of remote controllers, and, it is fully compatible with the surfaces from the flagship iLive range.

• 9U fixed format MixRack
• 64 mic/line in, 32 XLR out
• Can process 64 in digital mic split applications
• 64x32 RackExtra DSP with 8 stereo FX
• ACE™ Surface link plus Port B network option
• Built in 3 port Ethernet switch
• Network bridges to Surface via ACE™
• MIDI and PL-Anet ports
• Built in headphone amp with level control
• External iPS10 redundant power supply option
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