Allen & Heath M-MICIN

Allen & Heath M-MICIN
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  • ST-116521
Mic/Line In module feat. 8 remote controllable preamps with XLR Input This is the main audio... mehr
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Mic/Line In module feat. 8 remote controllable preamps with XLR Input

This is the main audio input module for the iLive system. It provides 8x high performance analogue input preamps for microphone and line level signals.
The front end gain, pad and phantom power are remote controlled via the network connection from the Surface or PC. The settings may be recalled as part of the iLive system memories.

CHK Yellow indicator follows the PAFL function. It lights when the channel it is associated with is currently being PAFL’d at the surface or PC. This provides a quick way to identify which sockets are mapped to the channels, for example when the FOH engineer wants to indicate to the stage tech which connection to check.
Note: CHK will light whether the preamp is the main channel source, insert return or mix external input for the channel being PAFL’d. For example, four may be lit if you PAFL a stereo input channel which has an insert assigned.
PP Lights when phantom power voltage is detected at the XLR input socket. This will light whether the voltage is sourced internally from within the MixRack, or externally via the cable plugged in.

INPUT XLR Balanced audio input with wide gain range accepting signals from -65dBu to +30dBu.
Gain is remote controlled and has a 1dB resolution and range of 80dB including 25dB pad. The preamps feed the iLive mix engine through 24bit, low noise, low latency converters. The preamp gain is automatically set for +4dBu or -10dBV operating level if assigned as an insert.
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