Allen & Heath iDR10C

Allen & Heath iDR10C
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The iDR10 Mix Rack IDR10 MixRack - RAB2, no I/O modules, 1 PSU The iDR10 is the top of the... mehr
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The iDR10 Mix Rack

IDR10 MixRack - RAB2, no I/O modules, 1 PSU

The iDR10 is the top of the range iLive MixRack. The DSP is in the MixRack, not the surface. It is the heart of the system, the mixer itself. The Surface is simple a networked remote controller of the MixRack. The iDR10 is fully modular with 10 card slots for loading up to 80 physical sockets from any combination of a wide choice of I/O modules available. Other modules include the iDR-64 RackExtra DSP mix engine, RAB2 providing two audio network option ports, CPU for system management and Ethernet control, and up to two power supply modules, the second allowing dual redundant backup. As with all the iLive MixRacks, the built-in DSP can process a full 64 input channels, 32 mixes and 8 stereo FX. The iDR10 is ideal for live audio rental, touring and large scale show applications. It can be supplied in a touring grade, shock-mounted flight case

The user has a choice of modules available to fit in the 10 available Mix-Rack card slots. The same modules may be loaded into the 4 card slots on the rear of the surface:

8 channel XLR mic/line analogue input module
8 channel dual mic/line input module for up to 16 inputs
8 channel XLR line output module
8 channel (4 stereo pairs) digital input module - AES3, SPDIF, Optical
8 channel (4 stereo pairs) digital output module - AES3, SPDIF, Optical
16 output digital multi out module – ADAT, Aviom™, Hearbus™, iDR expander
Blank module

The RAB2 module is the latest version of the remote audio interface now with two 64 channel bi-directional 48kHz audio networking option slots to accept a choice of up to two network cards available from Allen & Heath. Port A is used to link local audio, headphones and talkback to the iDR10. Port B allows for system linking and expansion, digital mic splitting and interfacing to a variety of popular industry standards such as EtherSound, MADI,ADAT, Aviom™, iDR and the cost effective Allen & Heath ACE™ point-to-point link. The iLive built-in digital snake offers a long distance, light weight single cable solution for multi console FOH/Monitor systems, recording and broadcast splits, and digital multitrack recording. The heavy, traditional analogue multicore is a thing of the past.

The Mix-Rack is well equipped for the stage environment with a lamp socket for low lighting conditions, LED status indicators for channel phantom power (local or remote), mute and PAFL active (ideal for helping the stage tech find the right socket!).

Control for the system is TCP/IP over Ethernet with an integrated 3-port switch for connecting more than one network controller, for example an iLive surface and a laptop running iLive Editor software. A PL-Anet port at both the Mix-Rack and surface lets you use Allen & Heath PL Series remote controllers to control certain aspects of the system, for example personal monitor mixes and triggering scene changes.

For PA companies, AV hire companies and audio system designers needing a high degree of flexibility, iLive provides a compact, modular set of components which can be integrated easily with other control and audio systems. Like its little brother iDR, iLive Mix-Rack will be found in venues from clubs to stadiums, theatres, multipurpose entertainment and conference facilities – in fact, in any type of live music setting.

* Provides the most I/O and network flexibility
* Wide range of I/O modules available
* RAB2 module with Port A and Port B network options
* Choose ACE, ES or MADI for Port A Surface link
* Built in 3 port Ethernet switch
* MIDI and PL-Anet ports
* Word clock interface
* Socket LED indicators for 48V, Mute and PAFL active
* Built in headphone amp with level control
* 4-pin XLR lamp socket
* Built in redundant power module option
* Optional shock mount flight case
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