Allen & Heath iL176F

Allen & Heath iL176F
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  • ST-116501
Interface für das iLive System mit 44 Fadern, 4 Lagen und bis zu 32 in/out Sockets, aber ohne... mehr
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Interface für das iLive System mit 44 Fadern, 4 Lagen und bis zu 32 in/out Sockets, aber ohne RAB2, I/O Modulen bzw. DSP (Lieferung im Flightcase)

The iLive Surface

The Surface is the primary user interface for the iLive system. It is simply a networked remote controller for the MixRack, a big ‘mouse’ as some would say. There is no DSP in the surface. The audio is processed by the iDR-64 RackExtra DSP mix engine which is built into the MixRack typically positioned near the sources on stage. Local audio available at the surface is interfaced via a digital network CAT5 ‘snake’ to the MixRack where it is processed

All the control and system information needed by the live engineer is available at the surface. There is a choice of 4 top of the range iLive surface sizes available offering 20, 28, 36, or 44 faders. With 4 layers per bank of faders you get the choice of no fewer than 80, 112, 144 or 176 control strips freely assignable as input channels, mix masters, Wedge/IEM masters and DCA groups. Even the smallest footprint iLive-80 surface has enough capability to control a fully loaded 64 channel mix.


The rear of the iLive surface has a built-in card frame for loading up to 4 IO modules, a combination of up to 32 inputs and outputs, for local audio at the surface. The internal psu module may be supplemented with the rack mount iPS10 supply for redundant backup.

Connections include local monitor XLR outputs, 1/4Zoll and 3.5mm headphones sockets, XLRs for an analogue PAFL monitor input and talkback connections when EtherSound is not fitted, front and rear USB ports for memory archiving, and an external VGA screen output. You also get a built-in 3-port Ethernet switch, MIDI and PL-Anet.

iLive is easy to operate:

Press SEL to select the channel processing. All controls are instantly available.

Press MIX to access the assignments, levels and pan for each group or mix. Press an input channel MIX key to view the sends from that channel on the related master faders, for example to send a vocal to a combination of monitor mixes. Press the master MIX key to view all the sends to that mix, for example when building an in-ear monitor mix.

• Largest, top of the range modular Surface
• 44 faders – 3 banks, 4 layers = 176 control strips
• Up to 32 audio sockets
• Choose network option for Port A MixRack link
• Port B can be loaded with M-MMO card option
• Built in 3 port Ethernet switch
• MIDI and PL-Anet ports
• Word clock interface
• Socket LED indicators for 48V, Mute and PAFL
• External iPS10 redundant power supply option
• Touring grade flight case
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