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Audio-Technica’s innovative BP894 MicroSet® offers the ultimate in low-profile, high-performance... mehr
Produktinformationen "Audio Technica AT8163"
Audio-Technica’s innovative BP894 MicroSet® offers the ultimate in low-profile, high-performance audio. The BP894 features a rotating capsule housing with talk-side indicator for use on either ear and perfect polar pattern placement. The MicroSet BP894 takes headworn microphones to the next level, by allowing the cardioid capsule to be aimed directly at the sound source. The uniform pickup pattern provides excellent rejection of outside noise, with exceptional gain-before-feedback when used with live sound systems and stage monitors. Delivering clear and accurate sound in an inconspicuous package, the ultra-lightweight BP894 hooks securely behind either ear and can be worn for hours witout fatigue. For maximum stability and comfort, the included AT8464 dual-ear microphone mount converts the MicroSet to a dual-ear-worn unit.
* Features a rotating capsule housing with talk-side indicator for use on either ear and perfect polar pattern placement
* Provides superior intelligibility and clean, accurate reproduction for the most demanding house of worship user, lecturer, broadcaster or theatre performer
* Well-controlled cardioid directivity for better protection against feedback and excellent attenuation of unwanted noise
* Inconspicuous, lightweight headset with capsule diameter of just 2.8 mm is ideal for applications requiring minimum visibility
* Ergonomic under-ear design—flexible, lightweight contoured loop hooks behind the ear for an ultra-secure, comfortable fit with or without glasses
* Comes equipped with AT8464 Dual-Ear Microphone Mount that converts single ear-worn MicroSet to a dual-ear-worn unit for maximum stability and comfort
* High-pass filter on power module provides a steep low-frequency attenuation to improve sound pickup without affecting voice quality
* Wired or wireless in the same model! The cable on the wired model is terminated with a locking 4-pin HRS connector, which plugs directly into any Audio-Technica wireless system but can also be used with the AT8539 power supply module, for wired applications
* Numerous accessories: Hard transport case, two windscreens, anti-moisture and cable clamp protection. The wireframe model also includes a belt clip to secure the power supply to the belt or pocket of the user.
* Available in black and beige, wired and wireless models: BP894 – includes AT8539 power module; BP894-TH – same as BP894, but in Zoll theatre Zoll colour (beige)

Technische Daten:
Element Fest aufgeladene Rückplatte, permanent polarisierter Kondensator
Richtcharakteristik Cardioid
Frequenzbereich 20 - 20.000 Hz
Empf. am offenen Schaltkreis -49 dB (3,5 mV) bzgl. 1V bei 1 Pa
Impedanz 250 Ohm
Max. Eingangspegel 135 dB SPL, 1 kHz bei 3% T.H.D.
Trittschallfilter 80 Hz, 18 dB/Oktave
Schalter Flat, Trittschallfilter
Dynamikumfang (typisch) 104 dB, 1 kHz bei Max SPL
Geräuschpegelabstand 63 dB, 1 kHz bei 1 Pa
Phantomspeisung 11-52V DC, typisch 2 mA
Gewicht Microphone, boom & earpiece: 2.0 g (0.07 oz)
Power module: 85 g (3.0 oz)
Abmessungen Microphone: 6.5 mm (0.26 Zoll ) long, 2.8 mm (0.11 Zoll ) diameter
Boom: 107.4 mm (4.23 Zoll ) long, 1.09 mm (0.04 Zoll ) diameter
Power Module: 97.6 mm (3.84 Zoll ) long, 18.9 mm (0.74 Zoll ) diameter
Ausgangsanschluss (Netzteil) Integrierter 3-poliger XLR(M)-Anschluss
Kabel 1,4 m lang (permanent befestigt), 1,6 mm Ø, geschirmtes,
2-adriges Kabel mit arretierbarem 4-Pol-Stecker
Beiliegendes Zubehör AT8539 power module (wired only); AT8464 dual-ear microphone mount; AT8440 cable clip; two AT8163 windscreens; moisture guard; belt clip (wired only); carrying case
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